Though rosé is perfect for a simmering summer day, choosing the right pink is far from a foolproof endeavor (some recall your Aunt Joan’s sweet-tarty white Zins, while others veer too heavy and red to provide any real heat relief). Only in its second season, the crowd-pleasing Vrac Rosé from Provence ($30 at Sip Fine Wine, 67 Fifth Ave. at St. Marks Ave., Park Slope; 718-638-6105) is one way to nail any BYO or hosting scenario. It’s versatile in taste — with a crisp, dry finish, a slight strawberry aroma, and light minerality. And making matters more convenient and portable, the Vrac happens to come in a box, which means it keeps cold for up to three hours and stays fresh for three weeks after opening. Plus the price of this 2011 Grenache-Carignan-Cinsault blend is ridiculously right: A three-liter box is the equivalent of four bottles. That works out to just under $2 a glass. Plus, a computer brush, place mats, and more in this week’s issue.