Our Story

Village Wine Imports was founded in 2001 with a simple philosophy: To bring Authentic and Affordable Old World European Wine to America.

We sought to create a portfolio of wines within Europe that accurately represent the appellation that they came from.  At the time that Village Wine Imports was founded, there was a great deal of homogeneous wines in the market.  It was hard to distinguish a wine from France vs. California vs. South America.  We wanted wines that were truly French, or Italian, or Spanish and were being made the same way that they had been for generations.

We noticed that many other importers would hike up the prices of European wines, so that by the time that wine was in the hands of the consumer, it was often more than 3x the price. It was imperative to us to put a system in place that would minimize the expenses associated with importing European wine into the American market. We seek to bring the American consumer the same low price yet high-quality wine that they would enjoy in a small bistro in the French countryside or in a quaint Italian villa.

At the end of the day, the most important goal for us is to take great care of our consumers, as well as our producers. We aren’t in this business simply to make money, we are in this business to share the art, passion, and expertise that goes into making every bottle of wine that we sell.