La Milliere

If the origins of the name of our domain still remain uncertain -Millière could come from “miliaire” former milestone of the Roman era-, it is certain that its viticultural vocation is closely related to the history of the family Arnaud.
In fact, it was in the 1940s that Fernand Arnaud, already the son and grandson
of Michel’s winemaker and grandfather, bought the La Millière estate. At this time, the estate has a wine business but shares its land with various fruit crops such as the production of cherries or apples. Aimé, Fernand’s son, quickly fell under the spell of this land
and at the tender age of 14, decided to devote his life to the vineyard and the wine.
Over time, Aimé, with the help of his father’s advice, transforms La Millière and offers him his viticultural vocation in its own right.